Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ready! Aim! Aim! Aim! Aim! Aim!....

It is instructive to read the main headings (pgs. 41-46) regarding neighborhoods from the Mayor’s “100 Day Plan” report which I have subtitled "Planning about Talking/Talking about Planning". (Click here to read the report in its entirety.)

Missing are words such as “did, satisfied, accomplished, carried out, fulfilled, attained, performed, etc…" While all the palaver goes on, taking care of business falls by the wayside. If half the effort that goes into all this talking and planning, planning and talking were to have been spent on enforcement, the city would have already eliminated the illegal rooming houses and their deleterious effects on the character of our neighborhoods. We would have won the trust of the residents who would have seen that the city means business. We would have meaningful zoning. We would be planning on a solid base instead of the extant doubt and mistrust.

The Mayor missed a golden opportunity at the 25 February council meeting by not standing tall and saying that, "While you, the council, review (yet one more time) this, that and everything, I will fulfill my campaign promise." Here it is again, for those who may have forgotten, the Mayor's pledge: “To be clear, I believe in enforcing the codes we have, and am willing to go to court as needed.” What will it take for action? Some tragedy, such as a fire in an overcrowded, illegal rooming house?

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