Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birds Do It, Bees Do It, UW Trustees Do It....Why Can't WWU Do It?

The following was sent to me today by an alert reader. Excerpt: “The University of Washington on Monday unveiled an $850 million proposal to build a series of dorms and apartments on its main Seattle campus to house more than 3,000 students, a step it says is needed to relieve chronic overcrowding.” Click here to read the entire article in the Seattle Times.

It seems that if there is a will to increase on-campus housing in state institutions here, there is a way. Click here to read a strategic master plan to be presented at the UW Board of Regents meeting on 20 March 2008. You will note that UW has some types of public/private housing - see presentation page entitled: UW Housing System Capacity Summary Before and After Completion of Strategic Master Plan. I have suggested before in this blog such public/private partnerships as a means of housing WWU students in Bellingham instead of relying on the city to absorb them in a dance we have come to know as the illegal rooming house polka. While the accordion of government plays on, there is no control over these illegal establishments.

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