Monday, March 31, 2008

On Borrowed Time?

An article on building dorm rooms appeared in the New York Times on 26 March. You can read the article, entitled Building Dorm Rooms Cheaper, Quicker and Quieter, by clicking here. Although I do not believe that the dorm construction as described can solve the problem this city has in housing 8,000 or more students each year, many in uncontrolled, uninspected and often illegal rooming houses, I understand that the actions of the university (in this case Yale) show some creativity that might well be emulated by our own WWU. Perhaps some of the in-house ingenuity of the faculty, staff and students of WWU can be brought to bear so that the health and welfare of thousands of students are not jeopardized each year. Will it take an incident of severe injury or loss of life in this largely illegal rental housing market to force the university and the city to do something meaningful? They will not be able to say that they have not been warned.

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