Sunday, February 24, 2008

Update to My Blog Entry on 25 February Council Meeting

Sam Taylor posted the following update to his Herald blog yesterday:

"*Update - SATURDAY* On his Zonemaven blog, Dick Conoboy states that aside from the committee meeting I’ve cited, the council will also take it up at their 7 p.m. meeting. This is incorrect. The agenda packet has listed the meeting only in committee as a Briefing/Discussion. The council will provide direction to staff as to where they want to go at the committee meeting. Depending on what they decide it could either come back soon or much, much later. If they choose option #2 as Ramsay is suggesting to them as the best option (though he’ll still give them three), then I doubt it would come back soon, because the city will have to work on reclassifying the litter control position to include more responsibility and likely be in a different pay code/bracket."

Here is my response (which has also been posted on the Herald site):


The Zonemaven incorrect! Horrors! :-)

I carefully reviewed the agenda (click here to read) and supporting documents (click here). The agenda for the 25 February meeting lists CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE MEETINGS (among which is the PLANNING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MEETING where the single family zoning enforcement recommendations are to be presented) under the rubric of THE FOLLOWING ARE HEARD IN BOTH COMMITTEE AND REGULAR MEETINGS. If this agenda is incorrect, the city has not yet posted any amendments. The agenda bill 17823 does indicate that the recommended action is to provide direction to staff, however, given the agenda of the council meeting it is unclear as to the time (committee meeting or regular council meeting) this direction will take place.

I must also point out in the interest of fairness that the Council Agendas are presented in a confusing matter in that there are no numerals (Roman or Arabic) introducing the major headings so it is extremely difficult to decipher exactly that which constitutes major or subordinate entries. Not to mention that the several subheadings, which are numbered, have a "1" without a subsequent "2"- Basic Outlining 101.


zonemaven said...

Update from Sam Taylor on Sunday, 24 February:

Dick, good points on the agenda. I guess I've just gotten so used to them I can see why they might be a bit confusing.

I suppose I'm a bit unclear as well. I can't make up mind as to whether or not they'll actually vote the night meeting. Committees often provide direction to staff and don't vote on it at the night meeting. Conversely, they sometimes do take action at night on staff direction.

But I believe the actual direction is going to come out of the committee meeting, and that's how it often works. Many times the council will have the most thorough discussion during committee and quickly vote on the issue at the night meeting with little to no discussion taking place.

I'd rather send people to the committee meeting in order to give them the fuller picture of the issue, rather than a hurried vote at night where they'll likely get no context of the situation.

Plus - I'll be there to cover it, too. ;)

By the way - since this is confusing, I'll get ahold of J. Lynne Walker, the council legislative coordinator, and speak with her about what she believes will be taking place, since I'm no expert.

Anonymous said...

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