Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Minneapolis Does It - Why Doesn't Bellingham License Landlords?

On Monday night the City Council, in an effort to push the landlord licensing rope up the hill, asked the Mayor and his staff for material relating to the abortive attempt several years ago to bring forward a licensing program. Those of you who were here at that time will remember the love-in at the cruise terminal which was hijacked by landlords who packed the house - as so much they cared for the well-being of private homeowners of Bellingham. The then-Council retreated post-haste and never looked back. In all fairness, our newest members of the council were not part of that debacle.

It appears that the City of Minneapolis has more moxie, whence emerges the two-page document above. (Click on the image to enlarge) You will also notice that the landlord is required to ensure that the premises are not occupied in violation of the zoning code or the health maintenance code. (Is that not a refreshing concept -protecting renters' health?)

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