Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Billet Doux from Council Member Weiss

The following comment from Jack Weiss was published on the blog of Sam Taylor this afternoon (click here to read it on the Herald website). I am reproducing it here as there are many of you who do not follow the blogs on the Herald. The comment appeared under the title of "Councilman Weiss – Why I Can’t Read the Zonemaven’s Blog."

"I don’t read Dick’s blog. I found his posts to be myopic and way beyond mean-spirited last year, so he gets no “hits” from me. This morning, he sent, via email, his latest post to the councilmembers (sic) referencing his love for the 1950’s film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” I agree with him that it is a great movie, in fact, I saw it on TV a few weeks ago for the first time in a long time.

But Klaatu would be disappointed in Dick, as am I. Klaatu was against humans and government getting into his bedroom, even if it were a few light years away.

For him to write in reference to his preferred punishment to folks simply trying to economically get by in town:

“No matter that the code merits criminal, civil, or even corporal punishment (I can think of the pillory, stocks, tar and feathering among a few choices.)” … well I think that speaks volumes of Dick’s credibility.

And if we are mentioning life in the 1950’s, I must say I am both glad and proud that I live in Bellingham, not Pleasantville. Dick, you might want to see that one as well and then reflect on your mission. Lastly, you may also want to seriously reflect on What Would Klaatu Do? It is sad you want to use this kind, gentle and wise alien to support your own behavior.

Listen, I will work with you Dick, but not under the context of a closed mind."

"Dear Jack,

You know, I must admit that I have been a bit tough on the subject last year, but it is a subject that needs some toughness given its implications.

Furthermore, do not mistake my tenacity for myopia, for to do so would be to misread me badly. I know full well the implications of my proposals. I do not take up my pen lightly.

I also know full well how badly those of little or modest means have been neglected by the city for decades by an atmosphere where affordable housing is offered, in great part, by an unlicensed, unregulated and uncontrolled rental system which rewards landlords, places renters at risk and degrades the quality of life for many honest, hardworking and honorable residents.

Finally, I strongly object to your twisting of my wry comment regarding corporal punishment which was obviously aimed at the landlords who are the responsible parties and not at the renters who have little recourse."


Anonymous said...

This is a comment for Councilman (?)Weiss. For a politician who is obviously supporting the big money network in town, who obviously cares little about the poor single parent families and elderly who can't afford housing due to the inflated rental rates of our illegal rooming houses,who cares little about stuffing too many tenants in houses that are not updated in electrical service and are not properly maintained because they are rented to kids who are powerless to complain, you who should not be throwing stones at the very people in this community who you are suppose to represent. What are you thinking?
Why don't you take a little time to review the actual issues and try to understand what the real issues are? By your post you obviously don't really understand what is going on at all.
How many illegal rooming houses do you have operating next door to you or in your neighborhood? Obviously none as you don't seem to have any experience with the problem nor to you really seem interested. Maybe you need to give this some fair investigation.

Anonymous said...

I believe what Councilman Weiss is saying is that he and his fellow council members should govern by the tennant of "What Would Klaatu Do?". I believe the first thing Klaatu would do is have enough courage to at least read this blog. Even if Weiss doesn't agree with Dick, he may find useful input and suggestions from others who may post here. Talk about a close-minded representive of a very narrow-minded 'free-everything' constituancy. My question to Weiss would be: Why do we need you and the others on the council? Apparenty you don't believe in enforcing the codes currently on the books and apparently you see no need for them in the first place. No codes, no laws, no rules equates to no need for throwing good money after bad supporting a bunch of council members who don't support the people paying for your folly. Only in America....or is it Berzerkeley North?

Anonymous said...

Listening at the council meeting of 2/25/08, I heard two very intersting comments. (1)a landlord of 5 rental units who claimed to follow all laws/codes and is a good landlord. Pls recall Miss landlord, you stated in front of then Chief Caroll(BPD)that you advise your renters that only 3 sign the lease so you will be legal under the existing city code. Law abiding, I think not. (2) Did I heard Council Weiss suggest that zoning of single family neighborhoods be removed to stop all controversy? Sure I heard that as a passing comment. Did I or didn't I? Unless Council/Mayor are going to protect the R-1, single family residential neighborhoods, please stop using the verbage "protect the character and intergy of neighborhoods". It rings hollow!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weiss, the city owes decades of supervision compensation for the poor homeowners in many of the rooming house infested neighborhoods. What sort of support do you propose for the people who hold the top on these neighborhoods? If they all move out, rooming house expansion will probably result in the burning down of the city. What will you say then about the mean-spirited people who obviously get the danger better than you? Perhaps you are the mean-spirited one who will regret a riot that could have been prevented by reasonable regulation.