Saturday, September 22, 2007

York Neighborhood Resident Tells It Like It Is

I received this note below after appearing on the Mike Kent radio show this morning with Garey Vodopich and Rick Chartrand. You can sense the frustration of this York neighborhood resident. We had one caller on the radio this morning who would speak only off-the-air for fear of retaliation in his neighborhood. A sad commentary on this state of affairs.


I met a gentleman yesterday. He was working at the Condo building site on Lincoln St so [I] asked if he was the builder [but] he was just doing the plumbing. I said to him the University should be buying [this] housing for the students. You see they made more parking for them just a short distance from the Condo site. He agreed went on to say how bad It's gotten where he lives so I found your blog site...containing your great letter. He's really interested in this project [as] he lives in [a] single family dwelling … and is fed up too. Did you see the Best of Bellingham paper this week? The York neighborhood rated the Best Neighborhood. I grew up here and there's a lot of not so very good things about this neighborhood and we need to start a blog [on that]. Bellingham rated #1 place to live is not agreed with by several of us, there's a lot of information that needs to be out there. If we have a lot of elderly people moving and moving into the rowdy neighborhoods [and] we don't have enough police protection [for what] goes on here in the York Neighborhood. You call them and it can sometimes take more than an hour to get here on party night."

Name withheld

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