Monday, September 24, 2007

When Will Our City Officials Speak?

The following is an open question to our Mayor, Tim Douglas and to our Director of Planning and Community Development, Tim Stewart.

What are we to respond to those who have written below? Mr. Douglas, I know that you will soon be leaving office. Nonetheless, you cannot be disinterested in these issues or you would not have agreed to return to the mayor’s office. Mr. Stewart, you are charged with enforcing zoning here in Bellingham. What is your answer to these individuals?

"Greetings Dick …

Great article in the Bellingham Herald!

I live on XXXX Lane [Whatcom Falls Neighborhood] and have a next door house, with 5 unrelated, college students every year. I explain to the new [tenants] every September that they live in on a "family lane". "Welcome to the neighborhood, let me know if you need anything.....,if you get out of control my friends in the police department WILL show up." I'm tired of training the puppies every year, seeing the house slowly getting neglected, and possible property value of our home deplete[d].

Do you know of any small claims, court cases against these rental house owners? I was considering it.

So far, I stay in contact with [the] BPD …about noise complaints.

Got any advice for me? Keep me in the loop. I want to get involved with this Bellingham problem.



And this:

"Dear Dick,

You are so right on!!! our neighborhood has had a bit of the multi resident renters as of late. One has cars parked in front and late nite parties..Another has seven day a week garage sale. We have an ADU in construction as we speak. Talk to the City planning and they say it is density issues. I asked if there were ADUs in Edgemoore, and the official said "No"

My question is Why not?

Your article in the Herald said a lot...I don't know if it reached those that count...Edgemoore people didn't pay attention. The people that don't pay attention to the renters and their neighborhoods, It is a growing problem and our civic leaders need to address this.

Thank you for bringing it in front of the citizens. It is doubtful that anypone will pay attention to this growing problem until it gives everyone a black eye.

In closing, I would like to say that I contacted the City of Bellingham regarding a planned ADU in our neighborhood and was told by the official that it didn' t matter if the neighborhood did not want it to happen....It was in the best interest of density! I asked about Edgemoore! You know the answer.


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