Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where is Louise? At-Large Candidate on the Lam?

Louise, quid fit?*

Louise Bjornson, my dear readers, is missing-in-action. She is the only candidate for office who has not responded to my request for a comment on the lack of enforcement on the single family zoning issue. I have visited her website with the expectation that she may have posted some comment on the question there. But I found nada, zip, zero, bupkis – i.e., nothing except the following which is tangentially related:

"Healthy neighborhoods are the building blocks of a healthy city.” says Louise.

Louise is well known for her dedicated participation in neighborhood and community meetings.

“For me, being informed and accessible is fundamental to doing a good job as a Council member.”, also says Louise.

Louise, I know you show up. I see you everywhere. You always say hi and take my name, phone number and email address but when I am I going to hear back from you?

In addition, from her candidate website comes this. “Louise and her family have lived in Bellingham for forty one years. Before her election to the Council, she served for five years on the Bellingham Planning Commission and for twelve years as the Birchwood Representative on the Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Commission. Louise has supported efforts to ensure neighborhoods retain their character and remain safe and livable.”

Great! After 41 years you ought to have just oodles to say about non-enforcement of the Municipal Code. Five years on the Bellingham Planning Commission should entitle us to hear your views about how planning is going awry since the very definition of single family zoning is meaningless. Help us, Louise! How did you advise the mayor on this subject when you were on his Neighborhood Advisory Commission? Tell us, Louise!

Our neighborhoods are not healthy, safe and livable unless we can stem the spread of illegal rooming houses. Attending meetings is not accomplishment. Being informed and accessible is mandatory but if no action follows, where are you? Where are we? Who will lead us to the promised land of single family neighborhoods and deliver us from the scourge of rooming houses?

Louise, what are we to do? Like Diogones, we wander the agora in daylight with a torch, seeking an honest man (woman). Speak to us.

*"What's happening?"

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