Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who Gains by This?

The following comment appeared yesterday evening on the website of the Bellingham Herald. This type of comment is not uncommon except for the vulgarity. I have written their management to ask for moderation of the commentaries on articles which appear in the Herald. Comments such as this (read the original here, if it has not yet been removed) do precious little to advance the discussion on this or any other issue. I have a pretty thick skin and, therefore, I am not much personally offended by these sophomoric natterings. I do find highly offensive the frequent spelling errors that seem characteristic of these comments.

“Hey "DICK"'ve only lived in Bellingham since 2002. If it's such an inconvience (sic) living here, go back where you came from. Nobody asked you to move here. If you want your privacy, move to the very northern part of Alaska. This isn't your town so f**k off and leave a**hole!!! Local Life ...09.28.07 - 8:06 pm”

*Replaces letters which were included in the original post on-line.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dick This person who made this comment in the Bellingham Herald web site about you is not very {BRIGHT} either is the persons who printed it in the Herald do they think this is the kind of news we want to see. Come on Bellingham Herald you should do more important coverage,such as informing the Public Sex Offenders that have been sent off to Prison,that's way better news than this stuff get real. Sandi