Friday, October 18, 2013

Community Forum on Recent Riot, Parties and Rental Safety

The Sehome Neighborhood is hosting a community forum on Monday, 21 October at 6:30 pm (WECU Education Center) to discuss the recent riot, skills for keeping parties safe and greater accountability for health and safety in rentals.  See the announcement here.

You also may wish to read my article in NWCitizen on the recent riot and the implications with respect to the proposal to create a private dormitory for nearly 600 students in the Puget Neighborhood, called University Ridge. Click here to read that article.

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Abe Jacobson said...

I believe that in the state of California, landlords are held responsible for the actions of their tenants and for damages caused by tenants to other properties. Bellingham currently is completely passive and hands-off about landlord responsibilities for tenant behavior.

I have spoken in the past with two City council members about the related problem of trash accumulation and littered properties, urging Council to impose landlord responsibilities and liabilities by ordinance. It is very easy to spot the rental buildings by the amount of trash and litter scattered around them. Both of the Council members objected to the idea of the city imposing a responsibility on the landlords to keep their places, and road frontages, clean and picked up. Both Council members said that the responsibility must reside with the actual tenant who, at 3 in the morning, drops a sixpack of empties on the lawn outside his apartment; the landlord is blameless. Good luck in catching that in real time!

I think than in view of the pseudo-libertarian mindset such as I encountered in these two Council members, it is going to be very tough to get much progress on other behavioral problems emanating from student housing.

Abe Jacobson