Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WWU Students Do The "Joe Show" on Rental Licensing

Three Western Washington University students appeared on the Joe Show (KBAI 930AM ) on Tuesday, 10 May to present the findings of the survey on rental conditions that they sponsored over the past 7 months. Appearing on the show were Wesley Dyer of the Viking Community Builders; and Nicole Hicks and Chris Chatburn of the Western Democrats. You can hear a podcast of the show by clicking here.

For those who are not familiar with the survey of rental conditions, you can read the survey executive summary and the detailed survey results and comments by going to the site of Neighbors for Safe Rentals (click here). Follow the links to the survey.

From the survey executive summary: "Results from the rental survey suggest that many buildings would have failed inspection at the time of the survey. Many of these code violations represent an immediate threat to health or safety. Given the low number of official complaints that are made to the city, this survey indicates a substantial void between existing problems and reported problems. A “complaint based system”, as exists now, is not a solution that will bring the deficiencies into the open. Rental housing stock needs oversight and enforcement to correct substandard housing and to motivate unresponsive landlords and rental management companies to make repairs."

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