Friday, June 4, 2010

Associated Students of WWU Publish Resolution to Support Rental Licensing

The Associated Students of Western Washington has just published a resolution supporting rental licensing and inspections in Bellingham. You can read about the Associated Students by clicking here.

Copies of the resolution can be seen by clicking on the images at left.

This blogger had encouraged students to support rental licensing and inspections during several meetings that he attended on campus. Horror stories of sub-standard housing emerged during these discussions. The Zonemaven also encouraged the student body to make its voice heard through an open letter which was published in this blog on February 2nd. You can read that letter by clicking here. Student editorials in the Western Front also took a hard look at rental licensing. You can read about these editorials by clicking here. An article on rental licensing by WWU student Katherine Garvey appeared today in the Western Front. Here is a link to that article.

Over 8,000 student renters on the market each year can have a tremendous effect on the manner in which the rentals are run. Shady practices and slum-like, dangerous conditions are issues that they will be looking at in the coming months since they occupy almost half of the 17,000 rentals in this city. Students are now getting a sense of the power their numbers command.

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