Friday, May 21, 2010

Briefing at Bellingham City Council on Sacramento Rental Licensing Program

The Bellingham City Council will receive a briefing from staff this Monday, 24 May, on the rental licensing program adopted by the city of Sacramento, CA. The council meeting begins at 7pm, although the briefing will be presented initially to the Planning and Neighborhoods Committee that convenes at 1:40pm in council chambers.

You can read the agenda bill on the Sacramento program by clicking here. Also on the agenda bill is the the Washington State law on rental licensing and inspection that was recently passed by the state legislature. You can read my blog comments on that bill by clicking here.

There is no hearing on rental licensing at this council meeting although the agenda calls for a discussion of options by the council. In March, the Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Commission had recommended that "a rental licensing and inspection ordinance be drawn up for review and discussion in 2010 in a public process". (Click here to read the minutes of that discussion)

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