Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Horror Show on Hampton Place- And Just What is a “Protected Class” Anyway?

Note to my readers: The link to the actual CraigsList ad pictured below (left) is no longer functional as the ad has been pulled by its author yet again as of today, 12 Aug.

My last blog entry (click here) was written about this property owner’s attempt to build his no-tell motel at 423 E. Illinois. That plan pales in comparison to the existing structure he owns at 2605 Hampton Pl. in the Cornwall Neighborhood. [A reminder to my readers that the Whatcom County Assessor’s records indicate that this structure has 11 bedrooms.] Click on the image of the CraigsList ad for this rental at left or, if you wish, the original ad can be found on CraigsList by clicking here. Although the ad does not supply an address, the photos in the ad are clearly of the house at 2605 Hampton Place. A complaint made by a neighborhood, live-in homeowner languishes since last March in the city’s code enforcement purgatory among the lost souls of complaints which have previously died in situ.

The ad is of a “y’all come” nature and is clearly seeking as many renters as possible to reduce costs. No credit check and no lease are a surefire way to cater to transients of all sorts which puts into question the claim of the property owner about the renters. My sources tell me that, according to the property owner, the present renters claim to be a “protected class” (not further specified) under the Bellingham Municipal Code definition of family (click here to read the definition), more specifically an exception under USC Title 42 (Click here to read the relevant portions, i.e., paragraphs 3602 k and 3602 h). One would assume that those claiming to be "protected class" members would have to produce some official verification of that status. Self-declarations are essentially meaningless and allow any group to make any claim, no matter how patently absurd or self-serving.

One would assume also that the city or the state would have an interest in knowing if a house for recovering alcoholics or the disabled were being properly supervised by an individual or group with some sort of credentials. Certainly the families of such persons have a right to know that their loved ones are receiving proper care in a facility which is safe. Our city government, by way of the City Attorney, should make it clear. What constitutes proof of being part of a “protected class”?


Terry said...

Re: " No credit check and no lease are a surefire way to cater to transients of all sorts which puts into question the claim of the property owner about the renters."

I infer a derogatory opinion of the prospective renters (the ones who might be attracted by the ad) and will say that there are plenty of non-dodgy renters who would be attracted, especially in the sad economy of the past three years.

Of course, the dodgy applicants will show up as well, but the landlord will have enough good ones to choose from.

Zonemaven said...

The problem here is that the owner of the property is operating what amounts to a small motel in a single family residential neighborhood. The city would never tolerate someone opening a small hot dog stand or a grocery outlet in his garage on this street but this seems to be OK.