Saturday, June 27, 2009

Infill Tool Kit Hearing on Monday - Come and Testify!

It is time to put the Infill ToolKit on hold. There is no rush. The city council should hear that from its citizens on Monday, 29 June at 7:00. You can read the Herald article on the subject by clicking here. Agenda documents for the hearing on Monday can be found by clicking here.

This piece of legislation has been mashed through a so-called public process that has been controlled totally by the city from its inception with Planning Academy I. The Infill ToolKit had little, if any, grass roots origins. Grass roots efforts have been mainly mounted to oppose the TookKit in part and to ask for a delay in further consideration until the city can figure out the manner in which it will enforce rules on these creations once they are built. It is time the city envision the evolution of these ToolKit items as the years go by and half of the town houses, cottage homes, duplexes, triplexes, etc. become rentals whose landlords are not licensed and whose structures are never inspected for the slightest health or safety conditions.

I invite my readers to examine some of my prior posts (click on the links below) on the Infill ToolKit with its problematic origins and future. I also invite you to attend the hearing on the 29th to voice your opinion.


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