Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Citizens' Forum - Discussion on Infill Tool Kit - 2 May

Mark your calendar today for the next in-depth discussion. The topic on 2 May will be "Infill and the Tool Kit". Click on the image on the left to view the flier with the place, time and directions.

This is the third such discussion sponsored by the Citizens' Forum, the last having been held on 21 March on the subject "The Infill Dilemma – by Choice or by Necessity?" Over 70 interested citizens attended this gathering. You can read the proposed Infill Tool Kit on-line by clicking here.

See you there.


Snowbrush said...

I love the B.R. Meyers' quotation.

zonemaven said...

B. R. Myers [I just realized that I had spelled his name incorrectly] is one of the contributors to the Atlantic Monthly. The full quote is "People who cannot distinguish between good and bad language, or who regard the distinction as unimportant, are unlikely to think carefully about anything else."

mrostron said...

Civic leaders who should know better are not helping things any. Mr. Starcher has a record as a violator of both the spirit and letter of the single family zoned area neighborhood building codes. His debacle at Hampton Place is one example in our Sunnyland neighborhood. Now he is on the verge of getting a permit to reconfigure a building at 423 E Illinois for a boarding house business, using the cover of the federal diabilities legislation - all without any varience hearing, notice, etc. Some of us who live nearby only found out about it by chance. If local leaders won't even follow the rules, how can we expect the average citizen to or developer to comply?
What is really happening, we fear, is that the folks who hold the reins of power in tandem with local and outside developers want to see the end of the single family neighborhoods. So called "progressives" have said as much. They would prefer our city emulate Bellevue (west), while their thinking processes suggest Bellevue Hospital (east) was their a actual former residence.
On top of it all no one has any immagination. No one as even suggested, as Mr. Horowitz recently did (in the Cascadia Weekly) that we could develop the Georgia Pacific site as an automobile free zone. Frankly, I would rather emulate either Venice (Italy or California) than Bellevue or any typical Seattle neighborhood you want to name!
In the meantime, as you so accurately point out, our unique and diverse single family zoned neighborhoods are compromised and slowly destroyed while the city dithers away their time and energy on less pressing matters; but make no mistake - the wholesale makeover of the older single family neighborhoods, such as Columbia, Sunnyland, York, and Cornwall Park is their actual covert goal. But of course Edgemoor will be excepted.