Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Open Discussion on Population Planning - Citizens' Forum

For the last 18 months, I have been writing about zoning and density issues which are linked to the overall problem of growth and affordable housing in the city of Bellingham. My views are clear. I reject the city's approach to infill by default, i.e., allowing the proliferation of illegal rooming houses as a means of absorbing not only our huge student population but population growth in general.

To date, the overall conversation about this problem has largely been controlled by the city through its Planning Academies and its City Council meetings. Opportunities for the general public to come together on these issues are virtually non-existent.

A number of concerned citizens recently formed a group called the Citizens' Forum whose mission is: "to provide an opportunity for Bellingham Citizens to participate in open dialogue, to exchange ideas, and to debate important issues regarding the future growth of our community."

To that end, the group is hosting an open discussion on the subject "Why Should We Care About Population Planning?" on January 31st, from 10am to noon at the Fountain Community Church. (click on image to view flyer) I encourage all my readers to attend this discussion.

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Anonymous said...

Zonemaven considers affordable housing a problem? Well I can't say I'm surprised.

Some of us consider scarcity of affordable a problem.