Saturday, November 8, 2008

Additions to Twilight Zoning Blog

The Zonemaven has added two features to the Twilight Zoning blog. At the left of the blog entries, along with links to other blogs and links to various sites about illegal rooming houses, there is now a list of cities (with links) that have landlord licensing. (The list is courtesy of Dennis Duross of Lexington, KY whose Pigs in the Parlor blog is championing the rights of homeowners in that university town.) Click on the city name to go to the relevant web sites on the list. Our city council and city attorney ought to be reviewing such sites which may serve as models for a Bellingham landlord licensing program. Just below this list of cities, Zonemaven readers will find some links to sites related to rental safety issues. Again, our city council would do well to see what is available to protect the health and safety of renters, many of whom are inexperienced students and young workers, who are renting for the first time.

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