Friday, June 27, 2008

A Whole Lot of Noodle Pushing Goin' On!

The point is again missed by the city and the council - that there is a zoning/density issue behind all the unrelated polemics on single family residency. (Click here to read the Herald story on the 23 Jun City Council Meeting.) I have presented this from many angles since last July in this blog as is known by those readers who remain interested in the relevant issues on the subject of illegal rooming houses. Changing the rule from 3-4 does nothing except change a number in the code which is not enforced anyway. Doing away with the definition of family throws into extreme disarray any notion of single family zoning. Because there is no "perfect" solution to the problem (Thank you for this observation, Mr. Stewart) does not mean there is not a good or very good one. Try true enforcement of present codes for once. That might work instead of talking the issue to death.

I am happy to hear from Chief Ramsay that the number of letters sent to landlords this year has dropped, however, that is not a measure of an amelioration of a zoning/density problem. Until the council acts on demanding enforcement, I would not believe anything they or Mr Stewart promise about infill (e.g. the neighborhoods decide "the where") since both (including former Directors of Planning) have allowed illegal infill to take place for the last several decades. The truth is that "the where" is controlled by landlords. Keep that in mind.

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