Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WWU Presidential Search Committee Listens to Citizen Input

Last night I attended the meeting sponsored by the search committee for the next president of Western Washington University. The session was moderated by Dr. Kenneth Mortimer, former president of the university. Unfortunately, only about two dozen citizens attended, although most spoke at one point or another. Several members of the presidential selection committee were in attendance, notably former Mayor Tim Douglas, who had been chosen to represent the local community.

A wide range of issues was discussed, some of which had to do with the qualities one wants to see in the next president, however, a substantial part of the evening was dedicated to the problems which face WWU and its new president in the next several years. Surprisingly, even before the session began, there was talk between Dr. Mortimer and Mr. Philip Sharpe, a member of the Board of Trustees, about student housing issues. Later, an acquaintance of mine, and a resident of Alabama Hill, spoke well about the effects of thousands of students on the community, notably their presence in illegal rooming houses.

The search committee continues to seek input from the community. You can read more on the presidential search at or you can write with your concerns to the committee, by email at: Mr. Sharpe indicated that he personally reads each email which is sent to that address.

My written comments to the search committee will appear shortly as a blog entry.

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