Monday, November 12, 2007

Pike's Picks - Action Plan Requires Citizen Vigilance

I would like to call your attention to our Mayor-elect's Action Plan as found on his website. Of special note is number 9 on his list which reads " Ensure zoning codes and neighborhood plans work to preserve neighborhood character." Although encouraged by these words, I will remain vigilant as these words can mean different things to different people. I am sure that the homeowner-occupied residents of Happy Valley would not want to preserve the present character of their neighborhood already suffering from illegal rooming house blight. Our city must take active measures to rid the neighborhoods of these malignant growths and return the neighborhoods to that which is intended by single family zoning.


Anne-Marie said...

I'm most interested in points 1 and 11 right now.

Mayor Elect Pike states that he wants to expediently forward on the waterfront. What if the independent review (point 11) comes back and says that the mercury left in the ground and water is too high?

I don't see that points 1 and 11 can actually happen in conjunction with eachother. Unless point 11 will just be a white/green washing of an already flawed clean up plan that leaves too much to chance? I sincerely hope that's not the case.

Those are a couple things I'm really watching in the new Mayor's tenure.

Common'Tator said...

Nice website, I like the idea. I live in York neighborhood and think that some sort of enforcement would be nice.

I should point out though that this issue is backed up against a ton of money. As most owners own more than one or two properties, at least in our neighborhood, and they fight tooth and nail and in force against anything they see as hurting their bottom line. Just look at the re-zone in york last year, sheesh, slum-lords versus people who live in the n'hood.

I would be interested in enforcement of this code, more or less as a tool to keep renters in college housing neighborhoods in check. I really like the idea of a rental house permit, as for the love of goodness it is an income source and should be regulated...

I also would be interested to see if you could make an economic arguement for the increase in rentals if this code was enforced. I.E. a correlation in the demand increase as houses can have less occupants, thus more rentals on market.

Anyway nice site, nice topic. Will be back.