Tuesday, August 28, 2007

York Neighborhood Rooming House

I received this a few days ago from a woman in the York Neighborhood.

"Hello Dick my name is (removed by request). I live in the York neighborhood, grew up here as a child, moved after getting married, moved away for five years. We purchased Grandma's house on Franklin St. We've been here for twenty three years raised our child here. What a great neighborhood this is except for every thing you stated in your letter. Thank you and HOORAY!! for you. I've called and been down to planning department several times and I don't get any results because as you said they're afraid of being sued. I just can't understand. Why can't our City Attorney … get this single family dwelling. Says there's no way to prove they're unrelated?? We had eight guys all the same age in a house now they should have checked this out but NO they sure didn't. We pay taxes on our homes to be single family. I think that a lot of neighbors right here would be glad to have a meeting with you perhaps all the city neighborhoods that have these problems should get together perhaps we could get something accomplished. Just recently I called building and codes about a building …that was going up and was told that if I had a complaint I needed to come down and fill out a form. In the past they would come and check it out. I just noticed when coming down the alley on Sunday stopped and checked it out and it sure does look like an apartment to me. Going to pursue this. Thank you again for your great letter…"

Must have been a group of octuplets.

Would any of our mayoral or council candidates care to reply to this homeowner? And what does our Planning Department and City Attorney have to tell her about getting rid of this rooming house?

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